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How to declutter your email inbox

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You hate emails, I know. Or you hate dealing with the junk mail.

I just looked at my email and realized I’m much happier owing to a decision I made last year. Initially, I attempted a monthly cleanse of my mailbox. Of course that failed as the emails never stopped coming.

Then one day, I sat down for a few hours at a stretch and just kept deleting emails in batches of about 50-or so. It became fun!

  • Firstly, I searched keywords. I suggest you search those brands or persons that constantly send you emails that you either know the content already or do not need to open it for reasons such as saving your money (cue online shopping deals).

I deleted all those emails at once. E.g. I’d type “LOFT” and delete all sales emails till one store after the other, I was done.

  • Lastly, (yes, this miracle of junk email freedom only takes two steps) I reduced my “Unread” emails display to 10. I did this after I realized I was having waaayyy too much fun using the first step to delete. I just couldn’t stop. So with this second and final step, you are setting your unread emails to a count of 10 to make things easily within your eye’s reach. Future emails can be quickly scanned and deleted and old emails can be easily deleted in batches of 10 whenever you feel the kick.

So here I am, playfully deleting emails from 2014. Wish me luck while you get to decluttering. As you batch delete, be careful of important emails with related words that find their way in.

Another pro tip to decluttering your email is: Open new emails, scan or read them. If you need more time to get back to an email, place a star beside it. This moves the email from “Unread” to “Read”. By the time you’ve scanned say, 7 important emails out of your 10 new emails, you’re left with 3 emails in Unread, alongside 7 older emails to batch delete instead of “click-click” then “delete”.

Hope this helps. Be careful not to select all your messages as you batch delete with Gmail.

Have a productive Thursday! 🙂

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