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NY Style Meetup with Memkoh & TFLA

To some, failures weigh them down. To others, failures kick them right in the butt, right on the spot they need to spring up and into action.
– Memkoh 

Something exciting happened last night; you may have caught the moments on Instagram already. Before I muster up the courage to share that here, I’d love you to attend my upcoming Style Meetup in NYC this Friday, December 4th.

If you recall, I attempted to host my first ever meetup in Baltimore – Brunch with Memkoh – but that didn’t quite work out.   

 No one showed up but that’s not stopping Memkoh. We know everything we did wrong, including being so afraid no one will show up that I created the flyer without leaving enough room for advertisement. I’m still working on my ad skills which is currently -5 out of 10. I don’t enjoy the talking bit at all but having built this brand so far, a brand that can almost speak for itself, it seems my lack of words has turned around to lend my brand a voice of its own. Still, I need to master the art of creating hype (eww!) and screaming so loudly in people’s ears about my upcoming events (please, no!).

In NY, I will be partnering up with Aniekeme of TFLA, whose style I admire so much because of her effortlessness and simplicity. She can pick up just about anything and turn it into an uber-stylish outfit; visit her blog for proof. She is also a recent grad of Columbia University, so can we scream “Beauty AND BRAINS?”. How about this final one – she studied engineering (I’m not quite sure which but I’ll say chemical). She is a power woman nonetheless! I’m really honored that Aniekeme agreed to plan and co-host this meetup with me.

So pleeeeaaasseee join us, for our style meetup, where we’ll dish on all our holiday style secrets and tips to look amazing to ANY occasion on your calendar this season. It’s a blogger x stylist collaboration. Expect the best! ❤

The venue is a gorgeous, classy restaurant/bar in the heart of Manhattan. We’ll send you a special package with all the details once you RSVP. 

THANK YOU and we really look forward to seeing you there. Bring as many friends as you want. Just kindly RSVP for all of them so we’ll ensure everyone has a seat.

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