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30 Reasons to be Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Day, right?
Sometime in October, I begun a 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge after I realized that as humans, we will never be content and when God takes one worry away, we dwell so much on the next one that we forget to be thankful for the journey so far.
With this realization, I challenged myself and others to 30 Days of pure Thanksgiving with the  key motive “because we need to thank God more and complain less”. Over the course of the 30 days, I was given different reasons we should be thankful for. My greatest challenge during this challenge was…see at the end of this post.

Here are all 30 reasons.
Use this  as a reference whenever you are in the spirit of thanksgiving.

Day 1:

My lovely friend gave me this verse to kick this off with: Luke 17:11-19 I'm starting this 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge simply because……we complain more than we give God thanks. In these 30 Days, I'm asking that when we pray, we should Ask Less and Thank More. However, the real challenge is to ask God for nothing within these 30 Days and just thank Him a lot…even if it's for not letting you fall off the stairs that one time. You don't know how much your life would have changed from that seemingly "little" instance. I'm excited to see how many people follow through with this and please there's no pressure, even if you squeeze in that one request on one of the days. I've already failed mine today. But we move! #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #AskLessThankMore

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Day 2:

Day 2 of our 30 Days of Thanksgiving. One of my good friends once told me a quote she'd heard about worrying. "Worrying is like rocking a chair but it never moves" or something along those lines. The amazing thing of this challenge is that whenever I'm about to complain or ask, I catch myself and switch to praise mode. For example, last night on my way from the library, I was feeling so defeated. As I started saying "God please XYZ", I remembered that I was to give praise and not ask. So I switched my complaint around and instead, thanked God for helping me in that aspect. It's like a test of faith. What will this challenge do for you? I don't know and you won't know either…till you join. #Nopressure #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh

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Day 3:

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 3. Fear. Let's talk about fear, like we've never talked about it before. Often times, we're afraid of the unknown, be it good or bad. We are afraid to start working on our idea(s), to love someone, to quit our job in favor of our passion, to make our voice heard. We are afraid of so many things that we don't know what we are really capable of. I've been sitting on the idea of making pocket squares to accompany my friend's bowtie order. Each time I see the fabric, I walk past it. How will I sew the seams straight? I've never done this before…Well, I'm on my second pocket square and in a few minutes, I'll be all done! All I needed to do was start & most times, that's all we need – STOP fear, START work! Today, promise yourself that you and fear need to become enemies. Promise to hop on that next idea or share it with someone who can guide you. Promise to be a better team player, to love and to be present. Promise to take every bold step fear has held you back from. And the same way you back up your files to your hard drive, back up these promises, not with that prayer where you ask, ask, ask, but with a mouth full of thanks, thanks, thanks! You might not see your destination, but I assure you that by erasing fear, you're a lot closer to your target. For that and more, God deserves your thanks. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #praiseinallthings #complainlessthankmore

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Day 4:

***Re-upload. In case you couldn't read the previous one. It seems illegible. Day 4 of our 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge. Planning: We think we can plan…every nitty gritty detail of our lives. From when we're born, our families have a long list of everything they want us to accomplish and when they want us to accomplish these things by. We grow up, get moulded by that pressure and forge our own plans. The thing is, most times, our plans no matter how carefully mapped out they are, just don't work out…because they are not meant to and because our Creator didn't have that in His plan for us. Instead of taking that as a signal from God to re-route, we try to plan even more. And this is where we go wrong. We go wrong not by making plans or planning for the future, but by being so bent on achieving those plans in the order and at the time we had in mind. We go wrong when we don't stop to listen to God for His approval or denial concerning our plans and only turning to Him when things are bleak. We go wrong when we think that things have to go our way at all times. I know we won't stop planning and we shouldn't but today, let's thank God for all our plans that He said no to. You've probably seen the end of such failed plans and the better thing God had in store. Also, thank Him for equipping you to be more in tune with His plans for you. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Hiswaysarenotourways

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Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

It's Day 7 of our 30 Day-long Thanksgiving Challenge. Let's have a little chit chat about confidence. Walk down your street and ask that young boy or girl what his/her greatest challenge is. Most times, it all boils down to a lack of confidence. We sometimes lose a sense of ourselves when the world doesn't see us a certain way. If you're struggling with this, if you're battling with getting approval from the world on matters concerning your life, push pause! Switch that lack of confidence to a prayer filled with Thanksgiving for the newly found confidence God has instilled in you. Yes, it's there but you've let the dust and rubble around you accumulate and dim your confidence. Get up…The lack of confidence ends today! Walk in the confidence of the Lord; it is only then that you can move the world. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #confidence

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Day 8:

Day 8 of our 30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge Scars! We all have them. Physical, emotional, psychological…you name it. Now think back on your most painful hurdle in life and imagine how it would have felt if you walked around with your problems and the arising scars, imprinted boldly across your face. Don't get me wrong, we are expressive as humans. But if every single scar we obtained from our battles was engraved for everyone to see, what an interesting sight it'll be to take a walk down the road for example. No matter the extent of your affliction, take it upon yourself today to send up praises to God, for not only overcoming for you, but for widening the degree of separation between you and your problems. You are NOT and will never be your scars…always greater! #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #battlewounds

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Day 9:

"And He shall be like a tree, planted by the rivers of water. His fruit shall yield in its season…" Today Day 9 of the 30 Days of Thanksgiving with Memkoh, we'll stress on the beauty of God's timing and how we're never really ready for His outpour of blessings. The Bible portion above is known to many. Day in, day out, we recite it without really paying attention to the words therein. "His fruits shall yield in ITS SEASON" meaning if it's not God's predestined time for something to come to pass in your life, it just won't. Huff and puff all you may, toss and turn all you will…if the timing is not right, if it's just not your turn, things won't go as you've envisioned. I'll back this up with an example. I know someone who has been working on a huge project. What she was lacking was immediate support, and obviously, the resources to take her venture to the next level. But it was more of the lack of support that weighed her down. She kept at her project. Today, she has an investor. Yup, you heard that right. Someone somewhere believed in her, her energy, her process and it has made all her hardwork worthwhile. Had she had this support in the beginning, I'm not sure she would have successfully passed through the fire that made her venture what it is today. The hard work, perseverance and everything she learned from starting out small were God's ways of prepping her for the huge task ahead. And just think about it, if you can't manage an ice cream shop, why should you be entrusted to manage Apple? Baby steps, people and Trust God's timing. It is never ever wrong! For everything that has been rightly positioned in your life, be thankful as it has made you who you are today and is shaping who you will be tomorrow, if you diligently follow through. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Godstiming #seasons

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Day 10:

Day 10 of our 30 Days of Thanksgiving One of my favorite songs growing up goes along the lines of "He that overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of the Lord, my God". Not sure what Bible portion it's from, but you should Google it. Today is a reminder of God's promises if we serve Him. Do you know what it means to be made a pillar in the temple of God? Then can someone who has been made a pillar in the house of God shake? Can such a person be moved by anything? Leave all your worries behind today and say "Thank you God", because He has made you a pillar in His temple. Your worries should be secondary in comparison to the task ahead of you which is to serve God with all your heart, body, spirit, mind, soul, strands of hair, everything in you! To be made a pillar, to be given such a position, you need to work for it and today, He has given us the grace to stop chasing earthly things and take up our cross so we can be made pillars in His temple. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh

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Day 11:

Day 11 of our 30 Day-long Thanksgiving Challenge If He was before the world was, then wasn't He there before sending us into the world? Wasn't our story already completed before our mothers conceived us? Didn't He even go ahead and give us the authority to say "Give us this day, our daily bread?". So why do we complain bitterly? Why do we worry? Why are we anxious about everything? Our ways have been pre-meditated. Our paths have been aligned with God's (if we let it). All we need do is heed to His advise. When He says "go left" and you go right, what do you expect will happen to you? But you see, our Heavenly Father is so so merciful that when we err, when we stray on our own, He lets us see that hindrance He was trying to keep us from and He painstakingly redirects us to Himself. Everything concerning you has been laid out, and even in the bleak moments where you think you're walking alone, He's right there, sitting beside you, holding your hands, stroking your hair, wiping your tears. Thank Him! #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh

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Day 12:

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 12 "The Lord is my light AND my salvation…". That Psalm (27) doesn't say "The Lord is my light OR my salvation". It is not an option because once you choose to follow God, He will be your light AND your salvation, meaning He will be the light that guides you on your journey and your salvation for when things seem tough. You don't have to run helter skelter seeking for grace or favor or good health or wealth because in Him, you are saved and being saved is worth more than rubies or any earthly possession. So before you carry on with your day, pause and thank God. It can be as straightforward as "God, I thank you for choosing to save me". He wants our praises and nothing more. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #PricelessSalvation

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Day 13:

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 13 It's not easy to live life without a purpose or an obvious destination. If you know that He who made you is not only in charge of your destiny but was here before the world was, then you'll know that no situation is too difficult for Him to turn around. Irrespective of the nature of your sins, you can be made whole in a twinkling. Irrespective of your financial situation, you can get to the next level. Whatever your desires are, they can be met, provided You take it up to Him who was before the world was made. But it's not time to ask or complain or cry. It's time to just say "God thank you for bringing me this far. Thank you because you're always a step ahead in matters concerning me". #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Godspreeminence

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Day 14:

On this Day 14 of our 30 Day Thanksgiving, let's focus on God's love, not because we've not experienced it in some way, but because sometimes we're unable to differentiate between how much He loves us versus how much our fellow human beings love us. You see, through all ages, all generations, at all times, in all situations, and in different manifestations, God shows His undying love for us. His love never wanes. His love is nothing like the love of the world that depends on how much is in your bank account or how many followers you have or how established you are or how pretty you are. God's love has nothing to do with these flimsy material things we chase daily. For His love, we need to be grateful and more importantly, thank Him (not ask) for instilling us with the ability to love one another unconditionally, without expecting any favors in return. Give up those thanks, people! #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Godslove

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Day 15:

It's the fifteenth day of our 30-Day-long Thanksgiving. One road block leads to the next…and the next and so on. In such times, it's not easy to see a glimpse of light. But if you walk with God, you'll know that those setbacks are part of your journey to the successful life God has prepared for you. Especially since Monday is the start of the work week, we all have goals and aspirations, things we want to start over and things we want to improve on. Here's a little reminder, that those plans, thoughts, goals & aspirations will come to manifestation, if we put God at the forefront of it all, and if we glorify Him with what we're doing. We can't attain much by complaining or whining (parents, ponder on how you feel when your child does nothing but complain). It's by having a heart of gratitude that our needs will be met…and exceeded! Again, thank God for everything He's done thus far and see if He won't do more. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #SuccessissurewithGod

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Day 16:

Day 16 Even if you feel that God hasn't done anything for you, shouldn't the mere fact that you have a voice to sing His praises be enough reason to constantly praise God? Dry bones shall not rise and praise the Lord. It is us, the living, who have been given the mandate to let God take precedence in our lives and subsequently praise Him every step of the way. Praises can do so much for you than you can ever imagine. If you've spent some of your mornings just singing worship songs, you can attest to that relief your spirit feels and how your problems get lost and seem irrelevant during your praise session. Praise comes with Peace and God loves a heart of Thanksgiving as much as He loves a broken and repentant heart. So use those voices to edify and praise God, today and always. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #PurePraise

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Day 17:

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 17 Hope. Romans 12:1-2 "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God". Read verses 3-5 in your spare time. We use the word "hope" so often to show that we are expectant about something, usually a positive outcome in an ongoing negative circumstance. But today we're not talking about that all-too-familiar type of hope. Rather, we're going to stay fixated on how to "rejoice in hope of the glory of God". In a way, it ties back to just hoping for good things. It ties back to us merely accepting that God exists, such that whenever we say "I hope XYZ happens", there's a conviction in our hearts that a higher power – God, not science and certainly not the universe – will make that thing manifest. That is how we hope in the glory of God. We hope because He exists. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Hope #HopeintheGloryofGod

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Day 18:

Day 18 You know how we humans are. If you don't obey our rules or policies, we snap. If an employee messes up way too many times, he/she is laid off. If a citizen breaks the law, he/she faces some kind of punishment or even death. But you see, our Lord God is so merciful in that, we know what we're about to do is forbidden by Him, yet we go ahead because "God will forgive". And truly, He forgives us, ignoring our foolishness and supposed wise ways. God gives us second chances when we don't deserve any. How many of us can give a fellow human another chance? We call it another chance to have our time wasted, because we've already condemned such a person. But God doesn't condemn us; He keeps calling us back, opening door after door, even when we slam the door of our destiny shut…with our own hands. So today, revel in the beauty of God's mercy, for it is like none other. "Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for His mercies endureth forever" #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh

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Day 19:

Day 19 of our 30 Days of Thanksgiving. Praise. It's the backbone of this entire thanksgiving challenge: to praise more and whine less. God loves our praises and so should we delight in every second we spend praising Him. If your spouse (or bae as this generation calls it) loves flowers, you'll buy her flowers till she says enough! But do we ever outside God enough? He will never tell us to stop praising Him, because that's what keeps Him going. He needs our praises to come from within, not just because you're part of the choir. He needs our praises to come every so often, not just on Sundays or when we're in the midst of fellow worshippers. He needs our praises for as long as we're alive, because those who are asleep in the Lord will not rise to praise Him. So what are you doing with your time today? I hope you find time to praise God! #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Praise

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Day 20:

Day 21:

Day 21 Provision. God provides for us. Simple. And this is not about the material things we work to gather but it's about those innate talents God has blessed us with. Everyone has a gift, a gift to bless, a gift to change, a gift to enhance. Look around and see who the most successful people are. They're not necessarily those that got the highest academic degrees; those top degree holders usually end up saying "Yes sir" to people who harnessed their God-given talent to effect a change. So look inwards today and even if you don't see "it" yet, thank God for providing you with that unique gift, that light in you that's yet to come to fulfillment, or that light that has already been kindled, depending. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #GodsProvision

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Day 22:

Day 22. Our Rock: The "I Am that I Am" People cheat on their spouses when they feel the other partner is not enough. But our Lord God is sufficient. He is our Rock and our stronghold. In Him, we have no reason to fear or to be found wanting. Once we have God, we have the world. Psalm 27:1 says "The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the STRONGHOLD of my life; of whom shall I be afraid of?". Psalm 62:2 reiterates this, saying "He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved." God is our rock and the source of our salvation in that, once we are deeply rooted in Him, nothing can separate us from Him or His love for us. God is our stronghold. I know I am thankful to have a rock. Hope you are too. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #GodTheSolidRock

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Day 23:

Day 24:

Day 24 When we go to school, we are told that the better our grades, the better our chances of succeeding in life. While this may be arguable, there's usually a bit of truth in it. Just a little bit. But with God, all He asks from us is to have the tiniest amount of faith in Him. You've heard of the have faith as little as a mustard seed reference, as recorded in Matthew 17:20. And to back that up, Romans 9:15 says "For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion". No where does that passage say that God will have mercy on us according to our works. Surely, He is watching and taking notes of our every move, but when it comes to favors and blessings and mercy, we wouldn't come close to receiving these things if God was dishing them out on a merit-based system. Even when we say The Lord's Prayer, we say "give us this day, our daily bread". Period! Not "give us this day our daily bread, according to our works or the extent of our faith". If it was that way, that bible portion would go from being the most recited to the least referenced. So know that God provides, and He will continue to provide and shower us with His infinite blessings, regardless of the extent of our faith. Are you still looking for what to thank God for? #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Faith

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Day 25:

Day 25 God's promises. When was the last time you broke your promise? Maybe today? Yesterday? Last month? How about God? When was the last time God broke His own promise?….Never! And it will always remain that way because He alone is faithful. Remember when He vowed to the children of Israel that He has prepared a better land for them? I'm not too familiar with this entire story but despite everything that happened, and Moses' wrong doings, God did not go back on His promise to them. With or without Moses, He was going to take the Israelites to the promised land, and so He did. So even if God has to take something or someone out of your way (who is hindering your progress) just to keep His promise to you, He will and the replacement will always be better. ..Whether you believe it or not. I hope you believe in God and the magnitude of His unfailing promises. Quick addition: It doesn't matter how long it takes for God's promises to come to pass. Just know He will do what He has promised. If you're still in doubt, reckon how long it took the Isrealites before they arrived at the Promised Land. They could have gotten there and the land would have been claimed, but they got there and the land was theirs…because He hath promised them. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #GodsPromises

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Day 26:

Day 27:

Day 27 God Listens. Don't you hate it when you're talking to your friend and he/she nods repeatedly. Then when you ask a question or move to a deeper part of the conversation, you realize this person only heard you. Hearing is very different from listening or paying attention. You can hear and decide to ignore but if you're paying attention, you'll pick up EVERY. SINGLE detail. And this is how God caters for us. He listens. He's always listening. And He's very attentive too. But when we're repetitive with our prayer requests, when we ask questions that He alone has answers to and therefore shouldn't be questioned, we show that we only think He hears us but isn't attentive to our needs. Today, I imbibe you all to drop the accusations, the questions and fill your heart with praise because you know God's ears are extremely attentive and in His time, your requests will be met. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #GodisAttentive

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Day 28:

Day 28. Healing. God heals. Doctors care. Medications don't penetrate deep enough to HEAL our souls. That's why you can't attribute healing to doctors/nurses or medicine as a whole. You can be well, your illness may be gone and you'll still not be healed. Why? Because only God can provide such healing that frees your entire being of anything that's debilitating against your survival. Only God has the power to COMPLETELY revive and restore you. Only God can heal the non-physical wounds we get from non-physical battles. Truly, only God can fix your mind and heal your broken bones. Psalm 51:17 says "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise". Why won't God despise our broken spirit? Because He wants to heal us. He wants to also give us the healing that comes with forgiveness of sin. Matthew 11:28-29 explains it all – "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". Delight in the power of God's healing, the healing He alone can provide. You might say "oh I'm perfectly fine". But remember, there are many unseen battles against us daily because the evil ones are working around the clock. Thankfully, our Healer works around the clock too, so you have no cause to fear. You are healed! #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #GodsHealingpower

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Day 29:

Day 29 God Upholds. Psalm 34:19 says "Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all". We live in a perveted era, each man for himself, manufacturing his/her own doctrines and shunning that of the Lord. For the righteous, who though with sin still struggle to draw nearer to God and walk in His ways of perfection, you'll find out that their struggle to live a good life is often hindered by the seemingly good things of this world. God knew that will happen. That's why He gave us His word that for those of us who walk according to His statutes, He will uphold us and keep us even during these slippery times. Our afflictions are many, too many. Can you count how many times you've sat down to work then suddenly your phone beeps? (I personally can't). That is an affliction because it is taking out of your productive time. And even the Bible says there's time for everything, so when you go back on that or when something causes you to neglect that time, that's an affliction. Or do you want to count how many times you've tried to do the right thing (at home, at work, anywhere) but the lesser, negative course of action seems easier? That's an affliction. But we have God's word, that as long as we seek His face always, He will meet our needs and rid us of the many afflictions we face,…seen or unseen. Remember, God never goes back on His words/promises. Thank Him for taking those afflictions far from you. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #afflicted

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Day 30:

Day 30. He never forgets…except our sins, thankfully. What is it that you have done in God's name, that you are certain will bring glory to God? Is it giving alms to the poor/volunteering? Is it helping your classmate? Is it being a supportive boyfriend /girlfriend/wife/husband? Is it just being a good, supportive human that shows love to all, like God wants us to do? All those "little" things we do that bring glory to God's name are noted in His books and for our prosperity's sake, HE NEVER EVER FORGETS, again, no matter how small. Psalm 77:1-9 says "I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice; and he gave ear unto me. 2 In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord: my sore ran in the night, and ceased not: my soul refused to be comforted. 3 I remembered God, and was troubled: I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed. Selah. 4 Thou holdest mine eyes waking: I am so troubled that I cannot speak. 5 I have considered the days of old, the years of ancient times. 6 I call to remembrance my song in the night: I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search. 7 Will the Lord cast off for ever? and will he be favourable no more? 8 Is his mercy clean gone for ever? doth his promise fail for evermore? 9 Hath God forgotten to be gracious? hath he in anger shut up his tender mercies? Selah." "Hath God forgotten?" No, He hasn't. There will be times when we feel like the author of this Psalm felt – broken. We will question if God has forgotten us, if His mercies have run out on our end, if His love somehow doesn't have the bandwidth for us any longer. Today, as we come to the end of this 30 Days of Thanksgiving, God is reminding us that He never forgets us or the good we have done in His name, or forget how we plan on bettering ourselves for His sake. So you won't ever need to despair like Asaph did above. You won't have to question God's love or His mercies, or anything good that comes from Him because you know and are rest assured that the little token you gave that beggar in God's name wasn't in vain. #30DaysofThanksgivingwithMemkoh #Godneverforgets

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My greatest challenge during this period was making sure that the words were not mine and that I was giving just what God wanted me to share.

God bless every single one of you and have a terrific Thanksgiving!


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