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The Caterpillar Phase

The Caterpillar Phase
Metamorphosis. Remember that lecture in science class? Those 3 stages: egg -> larva -> pupa -> adult butterfly can actually be applied to our lives as humans. In an upcoming article I am yet to write, I will discuss “The Problem with Instant Gratification”. In this article, I want to focus on the caterpillar phase, the phase that can make or break the metamorphosis cycle of a butterfly larva and ultimately, its likeliness of becoming an adult. And if the former article never comes, you’ll have this to reckon with.



The quote above resonates with me on so many levels. I picked it up last year at Barnes & Noble. Now, this pack of 3 stickers is on my sewing machine, my bathroom mirror and my bed frame. Every huge person or business or corporation started out as a caterpillar.

At this stage, the 3 most important things for you to know are:

     1. Company:

The company you keep around can either make or break your efforts.
Notice I did not say “can either make or break YOU” because it is my belief that when you are working towards something, you cannot be broken against your will. However, your efforts can be thwarted, so be mindful of the people around you in your caterpillar phase. In this phase, you might notice a sudden surge of “new company”, waiting for you to hit your peak so they will claim to have been there…prune out these ones! They will drain you and deter you from your purpose. Ultimately, you need to understand that you are putting so much effort into your work and it should not be in the trash can for any reason.

      2. Negative Thoughts:

In the event that you have suicidal thoughts, know that there were people before you.
These people struggled in the same capacity as you are, or most likely worse. One thing I want to point out about people with suicidal thoughts, that may change the way we view them is that they are strong, incredibly strong and probably the strongest of us all. To want to put an object to harm yourself or take away your life by any means requires a lot of strength, a ton of strength most of us do not have. So while society might view suicidal people as weaklings and try to pat them on their head, know today (if you’ve never been told) that people with suicidal thoughts are incredibly strong people. That is why they need you to reassure them that they can pull through, especially during the 11th hour right before their situation improves as that usually feels like the most difficult time. Don’t terminate your climb. Instead of putting your strength to that use, you can wield it to changing your world around, to make yourself go from caterpillar to a butterfly. It is a process, but understand that you can do it.

     3. Beauty in all:

A butterfly is a butterfly, whether beautiful or ugly.
In the same vein, no one can take you away from you. You are a budding success story, whether you admit it to yourself or not, whether your story is celebrated or not. Matter of fact, your story is valid, so don’t try to seek validation from any source. Live out your story and take pride in the process of infancy to adulthood in any area of your life. Hopefully one day, you will share your story with a smile on your face to encourage someone. Right now, you should be concerned with being what you will tell those people as you share your story. Is it how to be courageous? Then be courageous today. Is it how to take risks? Then take your biggest risk now. Is it how to be more resourceful? Then practice how to be resourceful. As you can see, the important thing this stage forces you to do is to live out your future right now. Whatever advise you will give someone in your shoes 20 years from now is exactly what you should strive to be. It’s the best way to live a life of no regrets – one of my friend’s life ambitions.

To my fellow Rising Stars (young entrepreneurs), those Fortune 500 companies are a result of someone’s blood, sweat and tears. Oh have you ever wondered why on graduation, social media statuses don’t read “After all the hard work, A’s and Honor’s rolls” but “After all the blood, sweat and tears?” It is because those bits of struggle are what you’ll remember. Heck, you won’t recall how many A’s you got or how many honors awards you received, but it’s those little moments of setback that you’ll never forget, because they shook you up and into place. You remember the blood, sweat and tears more because it makes your joy, success and triumph more worthwhile.

This is the same way you, dear caterpillar will remember your larva days, because they will make your adulthood more noteworthy.

I will be sharing more articles like these geared towards young entrepreneurs. And that article I mentioned above – “The Problem with Instant Gratification” has been penned. 

Stay Tuned! 🙂

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