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Introducing… Online Style Conversation sessions

It’s been quite a journey here for me on Memkoh, especially the process of turning what was once a hobby to a business. It has been challenging, as you may have probably sensed, as evident in the irregularity of my blog posts, something I’m working hard on. I have had to divide my time between getting better at my styling craft, staying updated and promoting my services in a way that makes the price tag resonate well in the minds of any potential client. The latter has been the toughest part.

If I was to pen a regret, it would be the fact that I wish I had run this as a business, charging people for my work from the start. Truthfully, I cannot quite make that a regret, as I had no idea what this blog, the outfit sets I created and the hours I spent tirelessly browsing store catalogs would lead me to. If anything, it made me strive to get better at my craft, without the pressure of attaching a monetary value to it. It was when I got to the point where I realized that I could style and be a personal shopper for free for the rest of my life that I knew how passionate I was about this. But you all know what reality does to those beautiful wishes of being broke forever while people leach off your efforts. It was through repeated no-shows and uncompleted appointments that I learned that setting a price tag was not entirely for me, but for my clients, so that they’ll treat their appointments like they would, their most expensive purchase. In a bid to be affordable, I started charging $10. Nothing changed. I actually had to refund a client that paid me $10 because at the end of her appointment, I realized it didn’t go as I would have wanted it to and the final outcome did not portray my work in any sense.

So not running Memkoh as a business from the beginning is a silly thing to regret as I have greatly evolved with this brand, my brand. I certainly do not charge $10 for appointments anymore and through trial and error, I have built something that I’m proud of, even if I was to go into the grave the next minute.
In all, evolving with your brand and getting your work recognized, truly, is a part of the process and I’m enjoying every bit of growing the Memkoh brand because one day, I know I’ll be swamped with clients to the extent where I’ll have to hold off taking appointments. Till then, won’t it be an amazing feeling to know that you supported my journey from its infancy? That’s why I am inviting you, my loyal blog readers, to my new project, The Style Conversation with Memkoh every Wednesday from 5pm – 7pm EST.

I promise that The Style Conversation with Memkoh is not a class or a tutorial; we’ve all had too much of those. Instead, during this weekly 120 minute slot, I will be talking with all attendees on everything style, with a focus on the individual and the topic at hand.
This means that trends, although occasionally touched on, will not form a bulk of these discussions. At the end of every session, you will be equipped with practical ways to discover and/or develop your style and you’ll even become a trend predictor.


I want The Style Conversation with Memkoh to be a little chat time with people who need help with their style but are not sure of whether hiring a stylist right away is for them. Register here.

I am also hoping that through these conversations, a no-pressure environment will be created so that everyone can feel at ease up to the point of sharing a thing or two about their day.

The best part is at the end of the first session (Nov. 18, 2015), everyone who attends gets a complimentary personal styling consultation, originally priced at $79, for $15.

For all other sessions, 3 Attendances = 1 FREE Personal Styling Appointment.

I really hope you join me on this part of my remarkable styling journey. Never in a million years did I think I will be sounding like a walking advertisement. It’s the perks of being the embodiment of your brand! 😀

Registration Link.

If you have any questions, or you think Wednesdays are not favorable for you, please email Bonus: I will send you a preview of topics for the first 5 weeks if you request it 😉


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