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Fallow Period

This is going to be really quick. I hope to expand on it later.
Last weekend, I got back from the salon. I had just gotten a perm, a long overdue perm. As I stood at my mirror admiring my hair, I thought to myself “Why have you been looking less than yourself lately?”
It was then, in my attempt to rationalize why I had been leaving my house with uncombed hair that I realized that those moments of less-than-perfection are best termed “Fallow Period”. I remembered my Agriculture Science class in high school and it all made sense.

Read up on “fallow”, a process commonly used by farmers, ponder on it for a minute or two to see if this makes sense to you, as regards the human appearance. You should do this before reading the concluding paragraph below.


I hope you take a fallow period for yourself from time to time. I hope you know that those moments of imperfection pave way for internal growth and make it so good that when you come back, you’ll be stronger, better, and everything that being rejuvenated comes with. It’s the same feeling you get after polishing your formerly dust-ridden furniture. That “wow” factor is inevitable after coming out of your fallow period.  

My fallow period is over. Hope you get on yours soon. šŸ™‚

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