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#ThursdayTalent: The Photographer’s Corner

As a national of another country in diaspora, does nostalgia ever engulf you in ways your favorite home cooked meal cannot subside? The day I found ThePhotographer’sCorner was one of my happiest days of celebrating creativity and I took to my Instagram page to share this lady’s work as that week’s #ThursdayTalent. An adept stalker as I am, I was back on her page and noticed that in addition to starting a new a series, Faidah Lawal had added a few more images to The Displacement Series which I’d become a huge fan of. It was then I told myself her work deserved more than an Instagram repost. Who knows? Maybe I’m just paying my dues so that when the fame comes, she will give me at least 5% 😀
In the lines to come, you will read in her words how “The Displacement Series” came to mind and of course, proof of execution.

Inspiration for The Displacement Series
The idea for this series literally walked into my head. I was taking a photography class at the time and was learning about photoshop and I wondered how cool it would be to merge pictures I had taken in Lagos with pictures I had taken in other countries. I was scared to try it as it was something new and I didn’t know whether it would be good but I tried it anyway and I’ve been happy with the feedback ever since.
DS1_ Final Project Picture 1
Final Project 6 Final Project Picture 3 Final Project Picture 2 Final Project Picture 4 with wm

You obviously want to know a bit more about this photographer, as she is more than just that.

Faidah Lawal is a Chemical Engineering student with a passion for photography and writing. Her photography began as a hobby and later evolved into a way of life. She is inspired by her environment and the people around her and finds comfort in writing stories and reading novels – especially African fiction. You can check out her pieces on
I actually have a tab open, ready to read her poems and prose. Hope you head over there too.

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