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Introducing The New: Style with Substance

I usually put these name change updates in my “About” section and although I love to keep the many iterations of what this blog has become, I am weary of having an extremely long “About” page. So here:
We are going from “Style and Literacy” to “Style with Substance”. Why?


You can know how to read and write all you want. You can be really stylish too. But where is the substance? Your clothes can only say so much about you, as do your words. But what about you as a whole?
Our generation leaves so much to be desired. We wear the same clothes, watch the same makeup tutorials, don the same weaves and bat our eyelids with the same length of eyelashes. Again, where is the substance? It sure isn’t in the coolness of your clothes or the quirkiness of your Instagram poses. Your substance is right there, embedded in your warmth, your personality, your creativity, ingenuity and your intellect. It is in the way you harness every quality about you for yourself and the greater good of your immediate society. It is in your beliefs, your values and principles. It is in dreaming and doing. It is in your ability to live life without seeking for anyone’s approval. Being an individual of substance means that you are confident and always feel good about yourself, even on those days where no one compliments you. You see, an orchestra will always take the stage, regardless of whether its audience will applaud or boo it afterwards. You my dear, are an orchestra; take your audience with everything in you.

Most importantly, your substance lies not only in everything you bring to the table but the impact you leave long after you’re at the table.

Style with Substance . Show me your Substance . What are clothes without a soul?

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