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Like a Boy

In my last post, I made an ode to my photographer and a nod to my improving amateur photography skills. I said I’m immensely blessed to have my photographer and in this blog post, you’ll see exactly why.

My outfit was inspired by…well, I had my eyes on these khaki pants for pretty much the whole of last Fall but there were 2 options and I couldn’t quite decide which one I preferred. As usual, I slept, prayed, meditated, fasted on it. No, not really. But I waited it out then opted for the non-silky, non-shiny version (because who wants their clothes to reflect light and all that weirdness?).
It fits great, it’s super comfortable and I think this is a perfect transition piece as it can be styled with pretty much anything.

Brown + Mustard + Khaki are amazing earthy tones and would have made for a nice winter look. But Memkoh does not succumb to the “wear brights in summer” and “dark tones in winter and winter alone” rule.
Wear colors all year round, people. 🙂

Okay, I hastily made this blog post in class. I’ll be back to move some things around and type better English. 

Khaki pants: Missguided || Top: H&M || Blazer: H&M || Shoes: JustFab || Bracelet: Express

Thanks for stopping by.

– Memkoh

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