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Turtleneck & Split Denim

It’s really amazing the things we can accomplish for ourselves when we put our minds to it.
I am a firm believer in investing what you have into where you want your vision to take you to, that’s why I never had a problem shelling out money for my photographers. To get through the tough times, I sometimes looked at it as a monthly bill. So if I could pay my phone bill and utilities to a company that does not care about my existence, I could certainly spend money to achieve quality images for my blog. It also had to do with convenience, as I would rather shoot with a human so I can goof and laugh, rather than smirk and roll eyes at my tripod for hours. Lastly, I absolutely love my most recent photographer. She is a creative genius in the making and I feel blessed to be a part of her process.


However, we all know that money has wings. But that was not the prompt for this shoot. I’ll say it was a mixture of divine intervention and a realization that an impromptu text to my photographer on a Sunday morning was probably not a wise thing to do. Plus, the weather was amazing that day.
For those moments where your photographer isn’t available or if you don’t have one, be confident in yourself and your amateur photography skills. You will learn over time. Expect more shoots from me (when I have the time).


I’ll say this outfit is a nod to both Winter (turtleneck) and Summer (denim skirt), a.k.a my way of atoning for not dressing like it was winter this past season. The East Coast trained me dutifully for this relocation to  the Sun! Stay tuned for Winter 2015 and enjoy the rest of this post.


Sandals (above) dress down this outfit and a pair of heels (below) dress it up. If it’s not versatile, Memkoh will never approve of it.

IMG_4435IMG_4456IMG_4461IMG_4440 IMG_4448 IMG_4441

Skirt: Exact skirt, Knee length with pockets, Bigger Sizes || Top: Lulus || Shoes: JustFab 

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