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Repeat Offender 101

Do we bloggers make you feel a certain kind of pressure to keep up with every new item in stores?
Who said wearing a clothing item multiple times is a crime? Note that I did not say “an entire outfit” because I fervently believe that your closet can do better than to churn out the exact same outfit from head to toe every time. Get creative.

You will see that in some outfits, actually just one, I switched out only my top and shoes. It really should be that simple and effortless, requiring a replacement of not more than 3 items to achieve an entirely new look. Interestingly, I remember the occasion I wore each of these outfits to.

Use numbers 1 – 10, L or R to comment on which outfits you liked the most. I always prefer the first look.

1. Jacquard Skirt


Left: November 2013 at my friend’s birthday dinner || Right: April 2015 at a party (sad I didn’t get my full outfit)

2. Longline Blazer


Left: Longline Glow blog post (September 2014) || Right: Know Your Colors blog post (April 2015)

3. Ankle-length Pants


Left: Thanksgiving in Miami (2013) || Right: My friend’s 21st in Philadephia (2014)

4. Joggers in cow print


Left: Thanksgiving in Miami (2013) || Right: My friend’s Graduation (2014) See post

5. Green Pencil skirt


Left: September 2013 (I had just gotten back from China. Notice the glow 🙂 ) || Right: Blog post on Pencil Skirts

6. Boyfriend Jeans x Printed Tee


Left: Birthday Photoshoot 2014 || Right: Nigeria vs. Greece pre-World Cup Soccer tournament

7. Black tube top.
Did you see this already above? …I thought so 🙂


Left: Conference at Istanbul, Turkey || Right: Lancia x Lone Star blog post

8. Faux Leather pants


Left: Birthday Photoshoot 2014 || Right: Summer 2014

8. Mesh Top (Sorry I messed up the arrangement on this one. The outfit on the right was worn first).


Left: Philly Night Market, Summer 2014 || Right: Birthday Photoshoot 

9. Lime Skater Skirt


Left: China (what I wanted to wear out) || Right: China (what I actually wore out)

10. If this Lime Green Skater Skirt could cry, it would.


Bottom left: Half of a Yellow Sun movie Screening, Maryland.

Hope you enjoyed this. I officially don’t have clothes to wear 😀

Check back periodically to see if I can dig up more outfits. Just look under the “Style” tab and this post will be there on its own, always.
Tag me on Instagram (@memkoh) or use the tag #RepeatOffender to show how you styled something multiple ways. Don’t forget to have fun with your clothes and before throwing them out, come back here to see if you can find inspiration.

Yours truly,

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