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#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: Africans for Africa – Making a Change

When Africa as a continent (please note that Africa isn’t a country) comes into conversation, everyone wants to play the role of a Savior, especially expatriates. My problem is that with the millions of charity organizations founded to “save” Africa, not much has been done. Or these organizations start somewhere and stop. Though their effort is commendable, I have realized that there’s most likely a problem with the practices involved in running those charity organizations, not the idea. So for this week’s topic, I’m asking indigenous Africans HOW to effect the changes we all envision. And I’m not talking about creating associations, because in my opinion, associations pave way for exclusion. I’m talking about pragmatic steps. Sound off in the comments section.Disclaimer: NO rude remarks allowed on this column. Show respect for every opinion presented, whether you agree or disagree with them. #TalkTuesdaywithMemkoh #AfricansforAfrica #effectingchange

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