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Guest Article | Misunderstood

Brace yourself to journey with this poem and revel in all the interpretations it brings.




is the farthest my body has ever been

Feathers soaked in tar, bodies longing to feel the world

Despite mute talks and stares

I’ve always felt powerful, in control of my explicit deeds

Naysayers, hypocrites and ‘know it all’s’ have judged

Bestowing sentences without paying attention to the facts

My dignity lies bare for the world to see

I’m lost, inadvertently in a moment of trust or lust

‘Love won’t pay the bills’ I retort

This market, filled with willing souls yearning to reach its peak

Pleasures whether fake or real keeps the pain at bay

Talented hands warm in the cold

Lips familiar but strangely conveying sensual nostalgia

Dollar bills falling: our exotic ticket to paradise

My body feels premium love here, what a shame.

By: George Eno

If you’d like to know the meaning behind this poem, please check back in a few days.

With the author’s permission, I intend to include a hyperlink to the author’s inspiration so that you’ll gasp and wow, if your thoughts aligned with the author’s.

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