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Shrunken Sweater Dress

Many-a-dresses have been condemned, simply because they went through the “natural” process of shrinking in the dryers. I know how annoying it is to throw in a size S dress and end up with an XXS or Large and end up with a Small. Still, these items can be given a second chance and here’s how I accorded my shrunken sweater dress that golden opportunity.It was also my chance to show you how I styled my African print shoes by L’Aviye.


IMG_1119You know your sweater dress has really shrunk when it is the length of your cardigan. *yikes*


With a pair of really cute shoes like these ones by L’Aviye, and a clutch, there’s no stopping you. This look is also great for Valentine’s Day. 😉


I forgot to take my lint roller to my shooting location. #BloggerLessons101

IMG_1105 IMG_1121IMG_1108

I’ve been having this battle with my friends and I’m trying to prove I have a dimple. Please leave a comment below if you see it. 🙂


Sweater Dress: Gift; See Forever21, Mango, ASOS \ Shoes: L’Aviye \ Purse: Charming Charlie \ Watch: Lambretta \ Necklace: Express (in-store). See Amazon

P.s. ***I introduced a new service this week. You can now send snaps of your outfit to me while shopping or heading out for an event and I will respond right away. Think of me as your Stylist BFF. Add me up on Snapchat: Memkoh***

Would you wear your shrunken sweater dress with a cardigan (see third picture) or as is?

Till next time.

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