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January Giveaway

Wow! Can you believe January is already up?


January’s giveaway was pretty interesting with the contestants required to recreate the #4WaystoWear look I styled above. It was nice seeing the various interpretations and of course, accompanying smiles. To decide the winner, I didn’t want to do it all alone so I shared all entries on Instagram and requested that people like the posts to vote. Of course, the person with the highest vote won. Not a completely fair way to judge, I know. Still, I felt like this was a good way to get my audience involved and let them have a say because after all, who am I serving? You! 🙂

See all entries here: Winning entry, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, Entry, Entry

Subsequently, future giveaways by Memkoh will be shared both here and on Instagram, with the full rules contestants must abide by when entering. I’m also tasking myself to come up with other ways to determine a winner. For now, thank you to everyone who participated.
Visit again during the last week of every month for a giveaway announcement.

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