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Week of January 25, 2015

Hello and I hope you had a great weekend!
I have a few events and updates to share with you.

1. The Fashion Innovation Series
Over the weekend in another part of the globe, The Fashion Innovation Series kicked off its first session in Lagos, Nigeria. It was hosted by Fashion Ma Peau, a fashion and lifestyle company founded by 2 budding fashion enthusiasts – Oprah Morgridge and Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde. The Fashion Innovation Series is a networking event with panel discussions on careers and opportunities in the fashion industry. This edition was concerned with fashion editors, bloggers, stylists and retailers. I am really excited that this is going on in Nigeria because our fashion industry is making major waves. See proof here.

To stay in the know of upcoming events, refer to the company’s website – 

the fashion innovation series 600 by 400
2. The Power of Multiple Stories
Last Monday, January 19th, a friend and featured blogger – Yeka – started a very powerful and insightful series, heavily rooted in the art of story telling. Her idea of The Power of Multiple Stories (#thePOMS) is to share the unique experiences of a range of young Nigerians (writers, photographers) now residing in the United States on “what being Nigerian means to them and how their experiences in a different country has changed, challenged or confirmed their ideas.” According to Yeka, “The power of story telling is important in shaping the way we view the world.”

What’s your story?
Email it to to be included in this series posted every Monday. Catch up on the series so far at You just might read one from me pretty soon 😉 #thePOMS

3. #TalkTuesday with Memkoh
Last month, I, Memkoh started a weekly discussion series called #TalkTuesday with Memkoh, as a way of connecting with my audience. I constantly ask myself many questions and #TalkTuesday will bring those unanswered questions to light. The topics discussed range from daily life to family, relationships, work and a myriad of other issues. The most rewarding part of this series has been leaving with an understanding of the contributors’ perspectives. Sometimes, the contributors and I are able to draw up one conclusion. Other times, we infer the many scenarios that our responses hold true in but most importantly, we leave with our personal opinions shaped by an understanding of other contributors’ opinions. It is a very enlightening experience. Questions will now be posted here on my blog in addition to my Instagram page (@memkoh) at 5pm Central Time.

See the first post here.
To submit a discussion question, email it to


That’s it for now. I hope you are all excited to participate in the events/series that interest you.
Have a blessed Sunday.

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