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Choosing the Right Pants 1

I’ll go into the basics, as I still have more research to do on this subject.
Basically, a man’s pants should be slightly tapered down to the ankle, giving enough room for leg movements i.e. no skinny-jeans-looking formal pants. I personally think that is a huge no, especially for older men. Younger guys casually get away with skinnier pants because those might be trending or something of that sort. But if you’re looking for a pair of great pants that fit right and can be worn to semi-formal and formal events, you will have to take note of the following:

1. In-seam: The in-seam is measured from the crotch to the end of the pants at the hem. It is generally not recommended for you to wear shoes while taking this measurement as it may distort the numbers. When you’re done, round up the figure to the nearest half inch for pants and a full inch for jeans.

2. Pant length: Of course, you will have to measure this from the top of the waist band down to the hem of your pants. Avoid pants that are too long, as it will affect the break of your pants, i.e. how your pants sit over your shoes – a common problem among men.

3. Leg opening: Who wants to buy a pair of pants they can’t even fit into? To determine the leg opening, lay your pants flat along the crease and measure from end to end. That number multiplied by 2 is your leg opening. I also suggest taking this measurement around the thighs to get the circumference.

4. Crotch length: It is extremely important for you to buy pants that fit well around the crotch. Nobody wants to be able to trace your private parts from merely looking at your crotch so by all means, kindly steer clear from tight pants. You also don’t want pants that are baggy around the crotch area.

5. Body type: I mentioned earlier that younger men can get away with slim/fitted pants but the trick truly lies in your body type. If you are tall with longer legs, slim pants will look great on you, as well as flared pants (not bell bottoms pleaasseeee). If you are short, I’d advise you to stay away from flared pants as they will add width to you/make you look wider. Instead, opt for straight leg pants.

In all, when shopping for pants, you need to ensure that you are comfortable and it fits great. Lastly, men, you need to twirl  turn around and check out your butt in the mirror because the back of your pants is as important as the front. It’s not being vain; it’s choosing the right pair of pants/trousers.

Next time, we’ll discuss pant length and how to know the length that’s right for you.

Till then…

Credits: AskMen

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