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Your hair! Please?

Your hair! Please?
Please let me touch your hair
Hair so perfect, it should turn my fingers pure,
fingers unworthy of such magnificence
My unholy hands with blemishes unknown
please let me feel its texture, understand it’s nature
curly, straight, Silky, soft, coarse…
hair worth a thousand stories.
Histories unknown lay beneath your holy strands.
Hair that defines your identity,
sets you apart from sinners.
Let me tap into that story
let me touch and feel its allure.
Please Let me love your hair
Strands and strands buried deep into your skin
Makes me wonder, what
lies beneath? What holds it in place?
Irrevocable stares won’t do it justice
Like fresh daisies, sweet smelling hair
My love would cherish its scent
Such beauty and wealth on your head
No wonder you brush and flip so coy.
Please let me have your hair,
Us unfortunate, bald with no identity
Deficient beings, the gods have been partial
Taking the genes of perfection from us undeserving
Maybe your hair will cleanse all my insecurities
It will redefine my imperfect existence
If only I could make it last a little longer
I would love and cherish your hair forever.
By: George Eno
Image Credit: PicturesNew 
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