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I’m Back!!! Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone,
Wow! I can’t believe I took an entire week off from blogging and updating my Instagram page, my first official Leave of Absence since I started blogging. I needed that break and although I still worked on other things during the week (obviously), it was quite relaxing and weird most times when I thought of my blog but couldn’t do anything. I missed the Instagram buzz too.
Unplugging for sometime is extremely rewarding and I encourage it.

Now that I’m back, it’s time to show you the entries for my October Giveaway. I posted the rules in my previous post and on my Instagram so now you know where to look for future giveaways.

This time was different from the last, in that instead of requiring a repost of a favorite #4WaystoWear set, I actually wanted to see people get dressed in them. For one, I didn’t want to have to pick the winner by a raffle again; there was no fun in that (September Giveaway) and I didn’t really get to really have a say. With this revised rule, my intention was to make it fun by having people interpret the styled sets and more importantly, make it their own.

Here are the entries in order of when they were tagged:




And the WINNER is

I loved her mix of colors and added glasses for some extra quirk! Remember, you’re supposed to “Make It Yours” (hmm, that should be my slogan for #StyledbyMemkoh or a new giveaway hashtag). Her entry was inspired by #4WaystoWear a romper and she not only styled it well but also uploaded her entry in a format I will now adopt for future giveaways. Basically, you will have to create a grid of your outfit and the particular #StyledbyMemkoh outfit set you got inspired to try out. Oh and one more thing: she made her romper! Check out her blog and store.

Final disclaimer for future giveaways: One of the entries was not based off any of my previous #4WaystoWear set and was not uploaded within the duration of the giveaway. While I really appreciate the entry, please note that in future giveaways, such submissions will be disqualified.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner and thank you to all 3 ladies for participating. @Zichie_designs, please send an email to with your shipping information to claim your new bag!

Excited to be back,

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