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Mesh for Malaria©

…because Malaria and Mortality should cease from co-existing in the same sentence.©

We all have those friends, or at least I have those friends who do not hesitate to comment on my Instagram pictures, telling me what item from my closet will become theirs. Those same friends of mine will never hesitate to question me if I post anything questionable. Of such instances was my dear friend, Yeka, who wondered why half of my tummy was showing through a mesh top as I shared a preview of this post. In my defense, I jokingly told her my top was similar to a mosquito net and just like that, an idea was birthed. You can read the full conversation here.

Mesh for Malaria is a vision to organize a charity event in Nigeria and subsequently, all African countries plagued with Malaria. It will primarily be in the form of a fashion show where all clothes will be designed by Nigerian/other African designers entirely from mesh because of its similarity to mosquito nets. The proceeds from this Mesh for Malaria Fashion Show will go to Anti-Malarial Campaigns in the host country (assuming this is adopted in a country other than Nigeria). Treated mosquito nets, rapid low cost diagnostic malaria tests and research for malaria vaccines are some of the things I envision this money to go towards. I mentioned expanding research efforts to combat Malaria because I do not believe in the over-dependency of African countries on the Western World for solutions to our own unique problems.

We cannot tackle the growing cases of cancer in African countries if something as “minor” as Malaria is still a burgeoning burden on us. Our children and loved ones should not be lost to Malaria, so Africa/Africans, let’s rise.


Here are the outfits that sparked this idea. It’s basically a twist of the first and second outfits in my birthday photoshoot series because if you remember, I intentionally wore outfits that were out of my comfort zone like all-black.
So this is how I would usually wear those outfits – with a POP of color! The best part is that this simplified version not only merges the 2 outfits, but can go from day to night with a swap of one major item. Never mind that the first set was shot at night; it’s a daytime outfit and the second is for a night out.

Philadelphia Night Market – Lancaster Avenue, August 14, 2014.

Ran into these ladies and they immediately asked to join my mini photo session. Why not? 🙂
IMG_7098 IMG_7097 IMG_7099IMG_7096IMG_7112 IMG_7114



And for a night out, I switched up the previous look by replacing my skirt with faux leather leggings.

IMG_8144 IMG_8145 IMG_8146 IMG_8147

Skirt: H&M || Faux-Leather leggings: GoJane || Mesh top: GoJane || Flats: Ross || White sandals (old): Aldo || Fedora: H&M || Purse (gift): ASOS

How easy is it to go from day to night?

Please don’t forget to think about Mesh for Malaria. If you’d like to discuss this further/join the team, please send an email to

Thank you for sticking around this long. It’s Memkoh’s 100th post. 🙂


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