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Dear Future Husband

Over the weekend, I was tagged by my friend, Ojesco to participate in the 20 Facts About Me Challenge and I know this post may come as a surprise to those who read #6 fact.
I wrote this piece in February. At the time, I was a bit too shy to share because February is quite the cheesy time of the year. So I tucked it away in the archives of my planner.
Not anymore.

  • Dear Future Husband, I know you are reading this and that is pretty unnerving. Sterrrpp!*
  • Dear Future Husband, if you do decide to keep reading, you can be 100% certain that I’ll find out.
    I have my ways.
  • Dear Future Husband, you’re so stubborn that you’re still reading this in an attempt to decipher me so you can plan your words and calculate your moves before you meet me.I’d go back to my work if I were you.
  • Dear Future Husband, you need to know one thing. I WILL NOT make you happy. No one can instill happiness in you. No, not even me. Your happiness should be a pursuit that should not be defined or initiated by when you meet me.
    I will come along, share in your happiness and I’ll certainly make you happIER!
  • Dear Future Husband, I pray for you – not to meet you (yet) because I can definitely use some more time to build myself. But I pray for you to live courageously and work relentlessly. I pray for you to brave every challenge life lobs at you with optimism. I pray for you to succeed in whatever you’re working on and for you to get started on whatever you’re envisioning.
    I hope you pray for yourself too.
  • Dear Future Husband, you may/may not be dating someone now and that’s ok. But since you are truly mine, a day will come when you have to part ways with the person.
    I hope you respect her well enough to do so in peace and I hope you loved her in flowers
  • Dear Future Husband, our union will involve more doing than talking.
    We will live and breathe love.

With love,
Your Future Wife

Sterrrpp* = silly way of saying “Stop”

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