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This mesh skirt was love at first sight from YesStyle, an online Asian store which I recommend. I found this website in my quest for new and unconventional shopping destinations because I don’t enjoy wearing the Zaras, the H&Ms, the Forever21s. When I was a freshman, I walked into Zara and fell face flat but all I could afford then was a skirt that was on sale for $10. I told myself that when I get a job and eventually increase my meager funds, the salespersons at Zara would know my name. Didn’t happen because it somehow became the “it” store and I don’t do too well with that sort of hype. I can’t deny the perceived quality of their wares, but for those prices, I can find better items somewhere else. H&M and Forever21 are my go-to stores for clothes that should be $5 but retail for $50 in other stores…Zara.

Individuality is key, ladies! If you can afford it, get it but ask yourself – Am I buying this for the hype/to replicate that blogger’s closet or do I truly like this item? #Memkoh’sShoppingTip101.
Ok, back to the outfit. 🙂 I really need your opinion.

My first instinct was to wear this skirt with a plain white top but the one I ordered hadn’t arrived. I was hesitant about this top because it seemed too busy for this skirt. On second glance, I think the grid/mesh on both top and skirt complement each other.
If I am to change one thing about this outfit, it would be the shoes – a pair of black closed toe pumps or white single strappy sandals would bring this outfit “home”.
What do you think?

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I love this hairstyle so much. It’s called Marley twists. Start watching from 2:30.


Blogger BFF, MyStyleOasis in a Buba & Iro from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Recently, there has been a Western spin  to this outfit as it can be made with chiffon not just West African fabric.

I matched the choir that day. With Chidi of Zichie Designs.

Mesh Skirt: Yesstyle || Top: Macy’s || Watch: Lambretta || Shoes: JustFab

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