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I would have normally preferred to withhold this information but my friend at ZichieDesigns encouraged me to share so here I am, with good tidings. WOOOhhooooooo!
Pictures from two of my recent posts: Infusing African Prints 2 and Super African got featured on and respectively.

Being featured in the #AsoEbiBella post of BellaNaija is like…inexplicable!



BellaNaija is the premiere wedding site in Nigeria. I don’t really know if they started out with weddings or if that was a later addition. Regardless, it is now the leading wedding website in Nigeria, the giant of the wedding industry. I doubt wedding planners had much of a voice until BN came around. Now, future couples turn to the daily wedding posts to source for their wedding vendors from photographers to florists to decorators to dress designers. Basically, everything!
I like to think that BN is the sole reason behind the surge in weddings and the major boom of the Nigerian wedding industry. Just take a look here. So much splurging is going on.
I hope these couples have money saved up for their children’s college tuition. 😀

Nastygal on the other hand is a US-based shopping website. I have something to say about it because I remember the first time I heard about this store last year. I was like “What??? What sort of name is that? I can never shop there. I bet the clothes are so *ratchet*”. How Nigerian of me! Alas, preparing my 4 Ways to Wear sets led me to the website and eventually to that cape blazer that I just had to have. Got a necklace with it too. Oh and after reading the bio of the company and Sophia Amoruso’s journey to starting the store, a newly found respect for Nastygal developed. I also like her #GirlBoss campaign.

These features are immensely encouraging. I’m extremely delighted and grateful and I pray they’re not the last.
Thank you to you, my loyal readers.

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AsoEbiBella – tasteful wedding/event guest in outfits made with African print/Ankara.
*ratchet*      – tasteless, subpar, too revealing, made with hardly any fabric. (Memkoh’s synonyms).

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