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Guest Article | Unforgiveness will ruin you if you let it

One day, you will be standing by the sink, still in your work clothes doing the dishes and you will remember. It will feel like it was only yesterday when your rib cage wasn’t strong enough to shield your heart from the words you are about to hear. You will feel a knot in your throat and a crash in your chest.

You are standing in the shower trying not to cry. The water that is raining over you is not cold. But you are standing, still, trying so hard, holding yourself as if you will fall to pieces if you let go. The sob that comes out of you is unlike anything you have ever heard. You fall, to base like lava from an erupting volcano. You have found the perfect place to crumble.

When you’ve been hurt like this, forgiveness is not always easy. It will take days and days of replaying those seconds and rationalizing everything but it still will not make sense. Some days, you will be consumed with an unhealthy amount of anger and you must subdue it. Other days, you will want to run faster than the speed of light just to get away but you can’t really outrun your feelings. You must stand (like you did in the shower) and deal.

I don’t care how long you want to stay mad at who hurt you. I don’t care about how many times you scream “fuuuccckkkkk” (which is so unlike you), I don’t care about the route you take to get to forgiveness. Just remember that you must put that hurt down somehow. You must leave this place of hurt before it chips away what’s left of you.”

– Unforgiveness will ruin you if you let it, E.F.E


~Miss Edoho~


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