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Thinking about Ebola

The house girl goes to the market and buys meat dripping with blood from the butcher who may or may not have Ebola, brings it home and cooks it for you, dear person responsible for shutting down the Nigerian borders and preventing incoming flights from Ebola-infested countries. What happens next?Putting hand sanitizers everywhere is giving the Ebola strains permission to develop resistance. And creating an Ebola awareness website is a micro-fraction of the precautionary measures to be taken. In fact, it is useless because it’s not the elite, who can afford to pay for internet that need this information. It’s our motor park boys, danfo drivers, house helps, market sellers that need enlightenment. The question is how? I cannot do much from afar or at least that is my excuse for now. I can only hope that someone somewhere is thinking unconventionally. Nigeria…


After sharing this on Facebook, one of my friends suggested that loudspeakers should be attached to buses or cars to disseminate information about Ebola in marketplaces and other public spaces in Nigeria. If you’re reading this and have access to an indigenous radio station (like Wazobia) in Nigeria, please endeavor to implement this or anything else in your power.

Thank You!

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