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Super African

I absolutely love how this outfit came together. It was a mistake, a beautiful one. Before I go into that bit, I’ll totally explain this title. Being Nigerian, I grew up watching movies that had Parts 1 to 5 until recently when our movie producers got clever. Instead of making Blackberry Girls 1 – 5 for example, they now make Blackberry Girls 1 – 3 and name parts 4 and 5 as Return of Blackberry Girls 1 and 2. You just have to love Nigerians.
So here’s my Part 3 of Infusing African Prints. Hopefully, you’ve seen Infusing African Prints 1 & 2. 


I was shooting with MyStyleOasis for her Fruits and Fashion Series which I absolutely love! Taking pictures for her store and blog were my absolute pleasure and we’re not yet done. She also offered to take pictures for my blog so I went with an outfit. On arriving at our location, she pointed out that the top I should have worn did not work well with this cape blazer and I had given her this ankara skirt to help me adjust so immediately, this outfit went from ripped jeans + top + blazer (which I’ll still do later) to what you’re about to see. I hope you love it. This cape blazer is everything!!! Funny thing was that a week after I ordered it, the fashion blog FashionBombDaily uploaded this same blazer as their Bomb Product of the Day. See the post.

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IMG_6294 IMG_6186
IMG_6211 IMG_6205 IMG_6302 IMG_6216 IMG_6220IMG_6233 IMG_6241 IMG_6250
IMG_6237 IMG_6268 IMG_6283What is a photo shoot without a little Skelewu rendition? Truly Nigerian!


IMG_6258 IMG_6262 IMG_6263 IMG_6298IMG_6290 (2)Skirt: Custom made in Nigeria || Camisole: Something borrowed (Thanks to MyStyleOasis) || Cape Blazer: Nasty Gal || Necklace: Nasty Gal || Earrings and Bracelets: The African Fascinator || Shoes: DSW

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