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Styling Floral Heels #2

Continued from Part 1.
Seconds before I stepped out to shoot part 1, I realized that most people would rather wear all black with a bit of color and in this case, that much needed pop of color was added by these floral heels.

IMG_0796Of course forgot to take off my yellow blazer for most of the shoot. Am I that allergic to wearing all black?
Photo credit: Chi chi.
IMG_0798IMG_0802IMG_0819 IMG_0828IMG_0867IMG_0847 IMG_0800IMG_0859 IMG_0866IMG_0886

IMG_0875 IMG_0903 IMG_0917 IMG_0937 IMG_0942Shorts: Express || Top: Love Culture || Blazer: Amazon || Heels: Steve Madden || Jewelry: H&M

*Send an email to me at if you’d like to have these shoes. Size 9 or 9.5*.

Thank you.

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