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After uploading the most recent 4 Ways to Wear looks on Instagram, comments started coming in and I was only replying to one of those comments when I came up with the hashtag #MemkohInspired. It was completely unintentional but it sounded so good that I decided to turn it into something. MemKohInspired Quite shockingly, this received a warm welcome from my Instagram family (Instagramily?) Lol! The first submission was by my blogger BFF, MyStyleOasis, whose comment birthed this. She entered her outfit for the April Sew-along Challenge of Pretty Girls Sew, a community for women who love sewing and are seeking for more inspiration. Coincidentally, the challenge was “to make a full skirt in floral print fabric”. Guess what the first post of 4 Ways to Wear was about? MyStyleOasis All of that happened in one day, May 1st. The next morning, the first post on my Instagram timeline was an illustration by Fidabira – stylist at House of Dabira – of an outfit from this week’s 4 Ways to Wear: The Asymmetrical Skirt.  She later posted a full illustration of the outfit. outfit + model. photo (7) Fidabira2 I can’t accurately describe how I feel. This is so encouraging and God is obviously behind all of this. Thank you so much to MyStyleOasis and Fidabira for being #MemkohInspired Have a great weekend and try something #MemkohInspired soon 🙂

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