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Cheese E. Wagon

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On this particularly sunny day, M and I decided to try one of the many grilled cheese trucks that surround our campus. The one that caught our eye was definitely the “Cheese E. Wagon” on 33rd and Market. I had to know why it looked like that! Upon talking to the owner Mike Sullivan, we found out that the design of the truck was well thought out to fit the theme of the truck; it was literally a block of cheese on top of a wagon with a cheese grater on the back. Hmmm. I don’t think I would have come up with that just by looking at it, but it seems so obvious now. Glad I asked him. While there was a wide variety of cheese sandwiches, Mike’s recommendation was the Corned Beef Reuben and the Chicken Pesto, so that’s what we got.
To be completely honest, I was running late that day so I devoured my sandwich a little too quickly without really savoring each bite. But it’s fine. M and I split both sandwiches and I think I liked the corned beef one better, although some may think it too salty. There was definitely a lot of sauerkraut, but that’s how I like it. Looking back now, one of us should have probably tried a real cheese sandwich but I guess that’s what next times are for. Perhaps a little planning could go a long way.
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