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So this is the first attempt at our mission to eat from every food truck in Philly. Our plan is basically to meet up, ask ourselves: “What am I feeling today?” and search for one that satisfies the feeling. Simple. It’s a good thing there is such a wide variety of trucks to accommodate our cravings. On this particular day, it was burgers. We walked around for a while before finding “Spot”, a small red and yellow truck on 33rd and Arch. A small chalkboard hung-up in front says: “….top 10 Hottest Burgers…’-Zagat.phila.” along with other glowing reviews in the press. Well, I’ll be the judge of that! Hahaha…jk they probably know what they’re talking about. Anywho, we talked to the nice lady who was taking orders and following her recommendation, I ordered the Rodeo Burger (note to self- learn names. It’s the right/human thing to do. I’ll go back later).

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So I opened the wrapping to the burger and Whoa!! It’s purple!! (Or it’s pink, I’m not sure, I’m a little color blind). But yes, I’m guessing it’s from the grilled red onions they put on the burger. Super good and not overly salty. Nothing more annoying than eating a burger and have everything fall out because the bread is getting soggy; this was NOT what happened. The bun was very dense and held everything together the entire meal! We talked, we ate, and we were satisfied. I have nothing more to say, but that I’m glad I met M and that my food expedition is underway! =)

After being scolded by M, I have decided to add in the picture of the thoughtfully placed heater that kept M’s hands (and those of other customers) warm while we waited for our food.

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