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I met someone a few weeks ago. He has the story below…
The Facts: “Where are you from?”

That’s a great question! I grew up in 5 cities, 3 states and 2 countries before my 18th birthday and honestly, it’s been hard to say where “home” is. But who cares! That’s not what worries me. What worries me is the realization that I know nearly nothing about each place other than my apartment or house address. Granted, it may not have been entirely my fault, often being limited by age and parental controls, but I still take responsibility for passing off certain places of residence as boring as I passively wait to move onto another city without proper exploration. There’s a difference between residing in a place and living in it, ya know and quite frankly I’ve done a lot of residing. Though it has taken me too long to arrive at this revelation, in the words of my wise, old friend Bob (yes his name is Bob): “Better late than never.” Someone probably said it before him but I heard it first from him so…Now moving onto my 6th city, it’s time to get living, and time to get exploring. But what’s the focus? Obviously I can’t see it all, do it all. Some people like parties, some people like sports, music, fine arts; well I like food, so that’s where I’ll begin.


The Friend:

Since moving to Philadelphia and attending college, it’s hard to miss the fleet of food trucks that surround our campus. Each truck brings a unique and creative style from purple hamburgers to Asian fusion fish burritos. I want to try them ALL!! Now enter ‘M’. Looking back now, I first met M in the most appropriate of places, the office kitchen on the 7th floor of our building. On that fateful day, M gave me a bigger picture when I told her about my goal of eating from all the food trucks (mental note – I probably shouldn’t have led with that if I was looking to make friends, might be weird, glad it worked out). “Make a blog”, she says, “tell the world”, she says. The idea is this: go around to all the different food trucks on campus, taste and write about their specialty foods to inform, not just new students, but also the general public at large.

I’m a simple guy; I just wanted to eat, but with that, she turned my gluttony into something bigger than myself. So now, through this serendipitous friendship, we embark on a new culinary expedition.

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