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“Shrinking Women” by Lily Myers might well be on its way to becoming one of my favorite websites; kudos to whoever started it.

I think it was amazing how Lily Myers pointed out that the way most women feel today is a result of their upbringing, where they have been unconsciously taught to “shrink” themselves. And like any other human trait, this attitude and ideology trickles down from generation to generation, leaving only the few powerful ones to break away from this burdensome and self-diminishing cycle.

On a personal note, while watching this video, I kept thinking of my poetry blog and how I’d love to render a poem in front of an audience again. The truth is, I promised myself that my poetry journey would last only 10 weeks (duration of the poetry class) and I was satisfied with what I accomplished during that time. Does this mean I have successfully resisted the urge to keep writing poems? We’ll see. For now, I will feed my poetic side with videos like Lily’s.

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