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Thank You!

My sincere appreciation goes out to everyone who visited my blog during and after the 10 weeks I was writing for. Just in case you were curious, I earned 73/75 for my final portfolio and this would not have been possible without your views which built my confidence as an emerging writer and your comments that made my review process easier.
How can I forget to add that my class was invited to a poetry reading at the Moonstone Art Center’s closing on November 6th, 2012? My awesome writing professor, Professor Lynn Levin – a published poet with 4 collections of poems and 1 non fiction book – made this possible. It was nerve-racking but I braved it and serenaded the audience with my poems at the Moonstone Arts Center bookstore closing. That wasn’t the end.

At a dinner hosted by my school’s West Indian Student Establishment (WISE), I got another chance to present a selection of my poems. With trembling hands, a pounding heart and a tongue wagging at an unknown speed, I finally got my chance at spoken word.

I don’t know if I’ll keep writing poems but I’m so happy I accomplished this feat because I never thought I could successfully put a poem together.

Thank you for being a part of my poetry journey. 🙂


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