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Eighty at Heart

I wish I was born in the eighties.Yes, you heard me right.
I didn’t sip on anything tonight

It’s 3:30am
and although all my friends have given up on this show,
I just watched the most recent episode of Gossip Girl
Its ending forced me to a place
where I rummaged through my brain lobes
as I sought an answer to this question:

What is wrong with our generation?
The generation that walks and texts impulsively
yet strategically assumes dumbness when surrounded by people.
The generation where objects made by man are not only revered
but treated with more delicacy than man himself.
The generation where friendships and relationships

appear                               and disappear

like sunrise and sunset.

These issues must have gained a couple miles on us
because the flames of humanity are flickering
And the world, our bride is losing her glow.
I’ll sleep like a baby tonight because unlike this generation,
my brain faithfully provided me with answers
instead of the more common excuse: “There’s no app for that”.

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